Getting Down to Business

A New Look to Solve Old Problems

The Process


Reduce risk & increase brand awareness by creating strategies that are based on discovery.


Create a flat design that features a mature color palette that is responsive.


Deliver a clean interface built on an easy to manage CMS to allow for easy updating.

Design Strategies through Discovery

Behind the scenes of the project journey

Simplify Navigation to Increase Exploration

The previous Microdesk site did not clearly showcase their products or services in an easy to navigate form. We designed a large and clean banner that featured modern photography that let the site's core message shine. With clear calls to action that indicated the services they provided so that new and existing customers could quickly find the information they were looking for.


The Value of a Consultant

Microdesk has world-class consultants that provide incredible value to their customers. Unfortunately the previous site missed the opportunity to showcase these services in a clear way. The redesign featured a "Customer Stories" template that highlighted project successes and had room for testimonials and videos.

Value of a Consultant

Social Support + Knowledge

It was important that the redesign feature a “Learn Section” that gave Microdesk team members a dedicated place to share articles, webinars, and other relevant industry information with existing and potential clients. By using Evoq Social to build out a Community, Microdesk can now offer online support to their clients. This integrated Community will increase SEO and customer engagement.

Call Us

Users to the Microdesk site can select to call for support. If they are visiting from a mobile device, they can click the number to call.

Live Chat

Visitors to the Microdesk site can receive support via live chat which will increase customer satisfaction and lower support costs.

Create a Support Request

Support requests can be submitted for complicated questions that don’t need to be answered immediately.

Help Guides

By adding Help Guides on site, Microdesk customers are able to get answers to commonly asked questions quickly.

E-Commerce + Social Interactions

Evoq Social helped maintain the conversation on the site through increased support and educational resources for users. Hotcakes Commerce allowed for Microdesk's training and software sections to be easily accessible to potential customers. Hotcakes will assist in increased sales by showing related products and services to clients.

Hotcakes and Evoq Social Product Diagram

Browse Products by Several Attributes

Read Ratings and Reviews from Industry Experts

Related Training

Browse all Products and Services

The Delivery

We designed the Microdesk site to communicate clearly and effectively what the business does and what services they offer. A simplified navigation helped users research Microdesk's large catalog of software and services without feeling lost or overwhelmed. Thanks to responsive design, users are now able to view the Microdesk catalog from any device, contribute to conversations within the community or make purchases. The new Microdesk Community serves as a source of support and education for users to the site.

The Delivery

What the client had to say


Michael DeLacey - Principal

Our biggest challenge with the redesign of the Microdesk site was finding the best way to showcase our products and solutions in a clear and concise way. By introducing a navigation bar that focuses on our three core services, visitors to our site can find what they are looking for with fewer clicks. The new Community section has also increased the level of engagement our clients have with Microdesk by offering them a place to ask questions and get answers more quickly.


Laura Guzman - VP of Marketing

We chose Arrow Consulting & Design because of their dedication to knowing our business before they even began working with us. Their discovery process led us to really "think outside the box" and consider some truly unique and innovative ways to more effectively reaching our clients. Our new site is significantly more functional and visually striking, and we are excited to see how it continues to evolve as our customers interact more and more with us online.