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In Touch Ministries wanted a completely redesigned website as well as a digital magazine to create a complementary experience to their award-winning monthly print magazine. With a high-level of technical expertise and the ability to speak the language of a prominent marketing team, Arrow was able to bring the right intelligence and skill to design a website and digital magazine that lived up to the standards of the In Touch marketing team.

Companion Tool

Through our Ideation Process we were able to truly understand the needs of the ministry, discovering that there was an entire audience of dedicated television watchers who were not engaging online. To increase the reach of In Touch and help them connect more personally with this “silent audience” we developed the Broadcast Companion Tool.

This innovative web app brings a new sermon experience to television broadcast watchers by providing a corresponding sermon outline, online Bible with populated scripture references, and note taking section all in one place.




Brad Brown

Quality design and digital content refined

“The Arrow team’s great understanding of both marketing and IT actually helped bring our departments closer and allowed everyone to put the ministry’s needs first.” –Brad Brown, CIO, In Touch Ministries

Redesign Features

An Incredible Experience on Every Device

With a newly designed website that was highly optimized for mobile, In Touch Ministries recognized that they had more touchpoint opportunities with their users. There are now more ways than ever to deliver their vast library of high-quality content to every user wherever they are and on any device they are using. Our in-depth analysis of their user data revealed that a high percentage of their mobile users were frequenting their site on the weekend, therefore we developed a number of features to increase their reach to them in this context—particularly the Broadcast Companion Tool.

Optimized learning tool

With over 30 years of biblical content, In Touch Ministries has a wealth of resources for users to learn and grow in their walk with God. We helped In Touch take a deep dive into their content to identify the main topics and organize everything into a searchable online learning center. Through the learning center users can browse content, find information unique for their stage in the growing process, and save information to an online account to access it anywhere, anytime. Users also have the option to “follow” topics and subtopics to receive new content as soon as it is uploaded.

Friendly, intelligent search results

Along with a responsive design, we created an internal search engine with a search bar that was consistently easy to find and use from any device and any page on the site. Search results now include all content in all formats such as video, podcasts, sermon outlines, articles, and more. This means content is better optimized for external search engines as well.

Redesign Features

A Truly

Enhanced study and topic discovery

In Touch users come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, but they all come to In Touch looking for something to improve their lives and answer some of life’s biggest questions. New website features give users the ability to discover, follow, share, and save content they love. Keeping track of what they wish to study is simplified through a personal account that gives them a customized news feed in their home page. An embedded Bible and note taking section also allow users to seamlessly reference corresponding scripture and personalize their studies with notes that can be easily saved.

Save for Later Bookmark

A superlative digital magazine experience

Enhanced study and topic discovery

In Touch Magazine has such a unique identity that it could become a brand on its own, but because the magazine plays an integral role to the ministry’s presence both off and online, In Touch’s IT department wanted to keep everything centralized. With the insight and collaboration of Arrow and their IT department, we created a solution that kept the magazine as part of the website as well as provide a way for it to maintain its unique identity. This resulted in a beautiful, digital version of the magazine that features exclusive articles for registered users and early access to premier content—giving the magazine department more opportunities to be creative and delight their audience in new ways.

Personalization with Sitecore

Through the powerful personalization features of Sitecore we implemented an engagement plan that allows In Touch Ministries to reach website users at the varying stages of their walk with God. The new site will adapt specific content to a web visitor's behavior such as showing personalized greetings, relevant banners, and displaying unique calls-to-action.

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