The Concept

Hotcakes Commerce wanted to provide their clients with easy access to their store both on a desktop and on the go. It was important to create a mobile admin that provided merchants with the same functionality and management as the desktop admin.

Communication & Performance

The application needed to communicate with the DNN admin to ensure that any updates be reflected in real time on the Hotcakes Commerce administration. In order to maintain ease of use between the two applications, one login was used for both administrations.

Mapping the Mission

Developing an application that provided merchants with the most vital information was at the forefront of our development process. Through one on one meetings with e-commerce business owners we learned what information was valuable to them on the go. From there we created a focused plan for the Hotcakes app that prioritized sales and order information instead of admin options that are available on our desktop admin.

From Paper to Pixels

Closing out the Sale

With the Hotcakes Commerce app, merchants don’t have to remain at their desk in order to manage incoming orders. On the go, they can capture payments, fulfill orders, and contact customers all from the app.

The Overall Picture

Merchants are able to view the details of an order such as which products were purchased and if a discount was applied. Order totals, shipping method, and customer information are also available in the order details section.

The Important Details

Daily, Weekly and Yearly order totals give merchants a quick overview of their business. The home screen refreshes in real time, giving business owners immediate knowledge of their stores successes.

Technical Side

Any updates made on the merchant’s device needed to be instantly reflected in the store administration. By tapping into Hotcakes Commerce’s RESTful API, the API allows merchants to manage their live store on the fly, from anywhere in the world.

What does Will think?

Providing our clients with access to the Hotcakes admin while they were on the go was crucial to us. Arrow took the time to really get to know the e-commerce industry as well as the features that our clients would need access to when they are away from their desk. What they delivered was a beautifully designed native app that provided our clients with must-have information showcased in real time because of the use of RESTful API.