Central Electric Cooperative

Central Electric Cooperative of Stillwater, Oklahoma is a next generation utility service provider with 90 employees and over 4,000 miles of power lines spanning 7 counties. Not afraid to bring big ideas to life, CREC empowers their members to achieve their dreams and impact their communities, state, and the nation.

Services Offered: Big Data Architecture | Platform Development | Systems Integration | UX Design

CREC Improves Efficiency with Custom Technology

CREC regularly gathers and analyzes numerous amounts of data in order to service their customers with electricity. When we met the team at CREC, we learned that improving the rate at which they could gather and analyze this data was critical to customer satisfaction and continued success.

Through custom technology, CREC found a solution that ensured a continual decrease in power outages for their members and empowered their team to restore outages faster.

Project Overview

A Trusted Technology Partnership

CREC had a broad vision for how technology could help them improve the way they consumed data and serviced their customers.

They chose to partner with Arrow because of our team of experienced data architects, software developers, and UX designers who presented a mature approach to project governance and the ability to refine their vision and make it actionable.

The partnership between CREC and Arrow resulted in a unique, customized technology solution that turns raw data into something that is highly visual, easy to understand, and can be acted upon in real-time.

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One of the initial challenges to consuming data for the team at CREC was gathering it. Though they’re very fortunate to have the quality data they do have, there are extremely large amounts of it, and it was all coming through disparate systems.

To add to this challenge was the pressure on only one person to interpret this data and quickly communicate the information in a way that was understandable to everyone from operations to customer service.

Because of their huge dependency on this information, the system often had the potential to become a bottleneck for the organization and barrier to providing faster service to their customers.


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Discovery Process

During the discovery process we identified several opportunities for improvement such as streamlining data consumption, designing usable, mobile-friendly data visualization, and integrating an intelligent notification system. Our team decided this could be best done through custom applications.

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Joint App Design

Arrow and CREC conducted “JAD” (Join Application Design) sessions where our two teams met together to fully understand all data repositories, systems integrations, and expectations of the application.

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Data ETL

Arrow architects & engineers planned out improved system infrastructure, data exchange, security, and storage leveraging an ETL process. This process of extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) would allow applications to use data in a standardized format.

DNN Framework & Custom Apps icon

DNN Framework & Custom Apps

CREC had chosen DNN, an open source framework and application development platform, for their internal system. Arrow created modules in DNN that take data from the ETL process and turn it into a visually rich and easily understandable dashboard from which CREC personnel can gain insight.

Featured Custom Enterprise Application:
“Energy Up”

After months of collaborative development Arrow delivered “EnergyUp v1” to CREC.

Accessible Across All Devices & Displays

With all the advantages EnergyUp brought to CREC, members throughout the organization wanted access to the information. Arrow designed EnergyUp to provide access to this information responsively so that content will adjust to any device.

The data and information was so compelling and visually rich that CREC created a large video wall consisting of 26 monitors that shows charts, graphs, and data from the Energy Dashboard alongside other critical information such as weather forecasts, etc.

Even though the information is displayed in large fashion at CREC headquarters, Arrow also designed a mobile-friendly application for technicians to use in the field.

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Granular Level Visualization icon

Granular Level Visualization

EnergyUp provides management with a holistic view of the entire CREC grid while allowing other personnel to drill into various areas of the application to get down into the granular details of their devices both on and off the field.

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View Current Demands

Users can view the current demand on the grid, the current demand on a specific sub-station, and receive and review all alerts arising within the system.

Project Outcomes

An electrical cooperative’s ultimate goal is to be a good steward of their resources and to provide the best service possible to their members. Over the last 2 years CREC has leveraged EnergyUp to do just that. As noted in the above sections CREC has become drastically more efficient, has freed up more resources & load capacity, while at the same time noticing their culture take a 180 degree turn. The feedback thus far has been great and, as the data continues to provide insight, CREC even hopes to move from proactive to predictive. EnergyUp has been a game changer for CREC and has become a critical part of their organization’s success.

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