Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Bringing Home the Bacon

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store & Restaurant® wanted to give customers who love traditional country food a convenient way to enjoy it at home. Through their new brand, CB Old Country Store™, and their line of high-quality licensed dry goods and meats they’ve made this possible while still keeping the restaurant brand top of mind. We extended their welcoming brand through a simple-to-use, responsive website with features that make it easy for customers to find these products at their local supermarket.

The Cracker Barrel Customer

Giving customers a consistent experience of the Cracker Barrel brand through the new licensed product site meant really understanding his or her motivations, needs, desires, lifestyle habits, and common behaviors on mobile and desktop applications.

Conducting a series of stakeholder interviews helped us align CB Old Country Store’s ultimate business goals with their customer needs by identifying a common user journey of their most ideal customers.

Through our ideation process we brainstormed creative solutions for the new site and tested those ideas out early with wireframes, prototypes, and usability testing to eliminate gaps between what we thought would work and what the customer actually needed.

Once the best ideas were approved we moved into the design process with mood boards displaying potential graphics, color swatches, typography, and inspirational user interfaces to help the client envision and approve the direction of the visual design.

Mouth Watering Design

Photoshoot & Art Direction

With the new product line and website, CB Old Country Store™ had no existing content. Our Digital Strategy team stepped in and led the asset gathering process. Our lead UX designer provided onsite art direction at their photoshoot kitchen with mood boards and creative briefs on how every shot should look for maximum impact on the web.

Recipes & Products

With our team’s passion for the brand, we recognized the importance of stunning photography to keep the site simple but compelling. We utilized beautiful product and lifestyle shots to give the right touch to every recipe and product listing that would keep customers engaged and wanting more, thus making Cracker Barrel highly competitive in this newly ventured market.

Where’s the Beef Jerky?

A store locator that pulled data such as location, flavor, product type, and distribution method was critical to simplifying the CB Old Country Store's customer’s experience in finding what they were looking for right away. A highly useful store locator was designed by the deep technical expertise of our team married with the insights gathered during user experience design. Features include a high-performance, interactive geo-location map that adapts to any user’s device with easy-to-read store information that links to Google Map directions.

Search by Category and Location Linked to Google Maps Store Details

The Wholesome Strategy Using Sitecore

Using Sitecore as their platform, we created a strategy to implement personalization features that would gather data and guide users to the most relevant content as CB Old Country Store™ added more products and recipes over time. We like to call this method, “crawl, walk, run,” because of the amount of time it takes post-launch to continue gathering data and testing user behavior to focus more on the efforts that are producing the desired results.


Customers see ads for CB Old Country Store™ in a Cracker Barrel restaurant and follow the promotion to


They use the website to find a grocery store that sells CB Old Country Store™ products and download coupons to use in-store


They spread the word with friends and family and sign up for the CB Old Country Store™ newsletter