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Arrow Digital recently released its world-class e-commerce product, Hotcakes Commerce, under a permissive open source software license. Offering rich tools for designers, developers and marketers, the solution enables online businesses to manage content, craft engaging user experiences and analyze product performance.

As the creator of Hotcakes, Arrow Digital is the e-commerce solution’s premier implementation partner, offering a range of services to help online businesses derive optimal value from the technology.

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Online merchants new to Hotcakes can rely on Arrow's unparalleled expertise on how best to implement the solution depending on your unique business goals and technology requirements.

Sponsored Enhancements

Arrow can develop features for you that will become part of the standard Hotcakes distribution, providing a seamless upgrade experience from one product version to the next.

Custom Development

No e-commerce company is the same. We offer custom development services to tailor the platform to your specifications. We'll also establish a collaborative relationship with your in-house developers so we can implement their ideas.

User Experience

UX in e-commerce is more than just pretty pictures. It is analytics and strategy that drive conversion and sales.

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Want to leverage Hotcakes for all it's worth? Let's work together to build a custom e-commerce site that sets your brand above the rest.

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