More Resources, Increased Expertise: What Softvision Brings to Arrow Digital

Posted: July 27, 2018

Over it’s 12-plus year history, Arrow Digital has provided high-quality, IP-driven, custom software development delivering scalable enterprise applications, digital experience, cloud transformation and robotic process automation solutions.

We are thrilled to announce our official integration into Softvision's growing network of 23 studios that use talent, vision and technology to innovate and enrich customer and user experiences.

With this strategic merger of resources and expertise – and with our combined 32 years of experience as digital-consulting powerhouses – we anticipate accelerated business outcomes for our customers. 

A mutually beneficial partnership

Softvision's interest in Arrow Digital was galvanized by Arrow's ongoing success developing innovative capabilities for the financial industry and intelligent process automation for enterprises. Our team of 160 creative technologists adds valuable experience and innovation to Softvision’s Enterprise Software, Cloud, UX and RPA Guilds. Together, we'll have fewer limitations as we create powerful new solutions in RPA, as well as other technology and innovation areas.

Robotic process automation is only one of Softvision's 14 Communities of Talent, also known as Guilds. Our existing customers will see the same innovative spirit, attention to detail, project governance and quality standards they've come to expect from the Arrow Digital brand – only now, this will all be supported by our new colleagues at other Softvision studios around the world. These Communities of Talent include:

●      Design and UX.

●      Internet of Things.

●      Security.

●      Play.

●      Enterprise software.

●      Full stack web.

●      Mobile.

●      Quality engineering.

●      Cloud and DevOps.

●      Big Data and Analytics.

●      Agile transformation.

●      AI and machine learning.

●      Design thinking.

Through this powerful network of resources and talent, we're more versatile, agile and better prepared to take on new digital business challenges than we ever have been.

What's next for us?

From the smallest boutique to the largest of enterprises, we've always lived by a simple code when solving problems for our clients – that “good enough” isn’t. Our work has historically spoken for itself.

But with access to exponentially more knowledge and technical prowess, we can further build on the capabilities we already provide to our existing customers. This will allow us to continue pushing boundaries as we solve the most challenging business problems and create solutions for our clients that are truly great.

Our brand, including its leadership and its values, will not change. But our capabilities are evolving fast, and we fully expect great things in the future from this newfound global partnership.