Arrow Digital + Water Mission = Clean Water for a Kenyan Village

Arrow Digital and Water Mission Bring Clean Water to a Kenyan Village

Posted: April 10, 2018

Custom enterprise solutions aren't the only avenues to innovation – and it certainly isn't the only way we make our moms proud here at Arrow Digital. That's why we're humbled to announce that we've partnered with Water Mission to improve access to clean water for a small village in Kenya.

810 people, 10,000 livestock, 1 water supply

Enkereri Village and the surrounding area is home to about 810 people, each consuming approximately 13 liters of water per day - the collective equivalent of 10,530 liters daily for the entire community. Until recently, the community had been getting its water from a nearby seasonal swamp. This changed when a private developer dug a dam that allowed the people to more easily access the essential resource.

The problem, however, is that the community's 10,000 head of livestock are also sustained by the water supply. And because the dam's watershed is not fenced off, wildlife frequents the reservoir. This causes two issues:

  1. Potentially hazardous encounters between the villagers and wild animals.
  2. Highly silted drinking water.

Many of the residents who depend on this water supply are children. The Enkereri primary school serves 300 pupils, and all of them rely on the dam as a source of drinking water. Given the severity of the conflicts with wildlife – injury and even death have occurred during the dry season when water is scarce – it was imperative for the village to solve this problem quickly and permanently. The only thing that was lacking was the funding.

Enter Water Mission and Arrow Digital

Water Mission is a collective of innovators including engineers, marketers, fundraisers and volunteers that is dedicated to solving the global water crisis. It has already brought clean, safe water to more than 3,000 communities. And with a generous donation from Arrow Digital of $25,000, it's about to bring water to the people of Enkereri Village.

To solve the village's crisis, Water Mission is using our funds to install a submersible pump that will achieve a flow of 38 liters per minute. At this output and with 6.5 hours of continuous solar pumping, 14,820 liters will be made available every day by May of this year. The community will also hire two of its own to guard the well and act as water vendors.

For the first time in a long time, or perhaps ever, Enkereri Village's people will have easy access to all the water they need, and then some.

As far as projects go, this might just be our best work yet.