Application Development

Fixing Broken Processes With RPA: An Explainer Video

Posted: March 26, 2018

Conversations about robotic process automation often revolve around ROI: How much time can you save by automating the function? What does that equate to in value? Where were new value-add opportunities seized as a result of automation? The answers to these questions will depend on the depth of RPA's role within your organization (if you haven't already explored those depths, watch parts one and two of our RPA explainer video series).

But RPA's value isn't limited to its efficacy as an automation mechanism for repetitive work. It can also act as a remedy for a wide range of process inefficiencies that include poor integration, bad UX and other workflow optimization inhibitors.

Interestingly, these problems sometimes have a way of becoming clear only after you've deployed RPA to address the symptoms. Consequently, RPA often offers the added value of diagnosing your most deep-seated operational problems.

Watch as we address this concept in greater depth in our third RPA explainer video, and provide a real-world example of this capability in action.