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Arrow Digital positioned to support Sitecore 9 launch

Posted: October 17, 2017

Any new Sitecore launch is bound to generate buzz, but this new release, Sitecore 9, promises to really turn some heads. This latest version includes numerous powerful features to give businesses the tools they need to drive engagement and create the best web experience possible for their customers.

As a distinguished Sitecore partner, Arrow Digital is in a unique position to help companies get the most out of this latest release. With our unique Sitecore 9 certification, our team is ready to address any issue that arises and assist organizations looking to upgrade to the new platform from start to finish.

Why we’re pumped about Sitecore 9

Sitecore has been the premier web content management solution for years, but there’s always room for improvement. The Sitecore team identified several gaps in earlier versions of its  platform and have addressed them with all-new features and tools to take marketing efforts to the next level. Moreover, the architectural changes in the latest release will improve the speed and performance of every app that touches data via Sitecore.

Above all else, Sitecore 9 promises to make business users' lives easier by giving them the foundation to craft a truly engaging web experience.

So, what can you expect from Sitecore 9? Let’s take a look at some of its most impressive new features:


Sitecore 9 extends the platform’s reach by allowing for more databases to be integrated than ever before. The xConnect feature enables unparalleled scalability and extensibility, supporting data sources as varied as websites, beacons, Internet-of-Things devices and third-party software platforms. Marketers can incorporate both online and offline sources of data, bringing the true omnichannel environment into sharper focus.

Redesigned forms

The Sitecore team took a hard look at existing data collection forms and highlighted several opportunities to improve usability and performance. Sitecore 9’s redesigned forms support more customization and personalization than ever - and all in real time.

Drag and drop capabilities allow marketers to easily make changes on the fly, reducing time to market. Furthermore, all form templates are re-skinnable, so they can be reused across different websites and devices for maximum ROI.


Cybersecurity remains a major concern for businesses everywhere, which is why it was a focal point of the Sitecore 9 project. New federated authentication capabilities provide access controls while still supporting the flexibility to use other systems. Meanwhile, the security team beefed up Sitecore’s encryption features, enabling encryption for data in transit as well as at rest.

These improved cybersecurity tools will become even more important as companies ramp up their preparations for the May 2018 launch of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Headless/JavaScript services

One of Sitecore’s main objectives with this new release was to make its platform easier to navigate and leverage for everyone - even non-traditional users. By supporting a headless interface and separating content from delivery, Sitecore has paved the way for inexperienced developers to successfully work with its WCM solution.

This means organizations don’t need to rely solely on their Sitecore specialists and can bring more internal developers into their projects. It will also make it easier to leverage external development support because companies will have a broader pool of third-party teams to choose from.

Arrow is ready to get you started with Sitecore 9

Current Sitecore users will have the option to upgrade directly from their earlier version to Sitecore 9. Certified Sitecore partners such as Arrow Digital can assist with the migration process and ensure the move to Sitecore 9 goes off without a hitch.

Arrow is certified specifically for Sitecore 9 management, and has the expertise needed to upgrade and implement this latest version as seamlessly as possible. Whether a company currently uses an older version of Sitecore or is looking to change WCM solutions, Arrow Digital can ensure a successful migration.

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