3 Reasons You Should Embrace AI as a Sitecore Marketer

Posted: August 14, 2017

Artificial intelligence, combined with Sitecore, has proven to yield significant efficiency and effectiveness.

Sitecore's customer experience platform allows you to craft customized experiences for website visitors, transforming an everyday occurrence into a chance to wow your target audience and differentiate yourself from competitors.

AI simplifies this process, saving you time on the tedious tasks that may take hours or days to complete so you can devote yourself to creating unparalleled customer experiences.

Additionally, other reasons why you should embrace AI as a Sitecore marketer are:

1. Customer interaction

As a marketer, you want people visiting your website, using your applications and reaching out for information. As a human being, keeping up with customer outreach is an exhausting, time-consuming task.

Not to worry; there's an AI for that.

Just ask the team at Epson America, which utilizes an AI assistant to turn leads into sales. It was difficult for the organization to separate qualified leads from bad leads, and salespeople struggled to follow up after the fact. The AI assistant changed all that, following up on all leads until a response was received, at which point it was transferred to a human salesperson. Afterward, the AI would reach out to leads to inquire about satisfaction, sometimes opening the door to further sales opportunities or identifying unresolved issues the company could then rectify. Response rate after AI adoption increased by 240 percent, with a 75 percent increase in qualified leads. This resulted in $2 million in incremental revenue over the course of 90 days.

2. Cross-channel optimization

Maintaining a consistent customer experience across multiple channels is easier said than done, a truth the team at Sitecore knows all too well.

Machine learning "to assess the value of customer engagement across digital experiences, to calculate winners in testing scenarios and identify customer segments" is gaining momentum and yielding great results.

This technology helps Sitecore determine which engagement sequences result in the best customer outcomes, helping you strategize how to interact with potential customers at different touch points and maximize return on investment.

3. Personalization

Modern consumers crave personalization.

One report from Accenture found 75 percent of customers are more likely to choose retailers that know them by name, make recommendations based on historical data or recognize their purchase history. Meanwhile, 74 percent of consumers expressed frustration at the idea of websites that are not personalized, according to Infosys.

Adobe concluded some marketing professionals are failing to keep pace. Sixty percent of marketers said they struggle to personalize content in real-time, despite the fact that 77 percent agree it's essential.

As a Sitecore user, you can rise above this challenge.

Sitecore's personalization capabilities allow you to display targeted, relevant content to individuals based on their demographics and behavior. Whether you're customizing content based on someone's geographic location or ensuring repeat visitors aren't forced to fill out forms they've already completed, Sitecore's Rule Set Editor makes it easy to create logic-based rules that automatically tailor the customer experience based on specific contacts or entire segments.

Arrow Digital is here to help clients tap into Sitecore's personalization potential to gather data, guide users and drive ROI. Sitecore's full capabilities are all too often underutilized by companies, whether because their current partners lack expertise in fully leveraging Sitecore technology or budgets and timelines have been spent in areas outside personalization.

The Arrow team is comprised of certified Sitecore developers and marketers with the knowledge and skills necessary to ideate, develop and deliver customized technology implementations that maximize the power of AI.

AI is the future of marketing. Are you ready to put it to work?

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