How to Supercharge Your UX Through Design and Development

Posted: July 31, 2017

Whether you want to buy a product or simply search for information, all too often the experience is frustrating and inefficient; site layout is confusing, color schemes are disorienting or navigation is difficult. Even a beautifully designed site can have issues - content is poor and irrelevant, landing pages aren’t linked, etc.

Ask the 40 percent of website visitors who abandon sites that take three seconds or longer to load. Or speak to the 79 percent of people who will search for another site if they don't like what they see on the first one they visit.

UX becomes even more vital when mobile devices are taken into account. Ninety-six percent of smartphone users report encountering websites that weren’t optimized for mobile devices, and 61 percent of mobile users will click away if they don’t find what they’re looking for on a mobile site.

When you consider that 81 percent of individuals report conducting research online before making a purchase, it’s easy to see how important UX can be to your bottom line.

Design and Development, Combined= Great Success

Effective sites and applications require UX design and development to work in concert, providing an unrivaled personalized experience that takes applications and sites from good to great.

At Arrow Digital, development and UX teams work together to build applications, websites and software that maximize usability and functionality. It’s the right and left parts of the brain working together.

Development and Design teams remain in constant contact, creating a feedback loop that allows insights from one team to support and enhance the work of the other.

Additionally, all development projects at Arrow Digital involve our user experience team, offering an integrated, collaborative process that approaches each project from both the perspective of technology requirements and end user experience.

Is it working? Over 90% of Arrow’s client base continues working with Arrow beyond their original engagement.

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