Why Startup Leaders Attend Palm Beach Tech Meetups

— Find out how to get involved with the growing startup community in Palm Beach Co!

Posted: November 09, 2016

Palm Beach Tech Meetup February 2016

Intelligent entrepreneurs on the East Coast no longer need to travel 3000 miles to Silicon Valley in order to fulfill their dreams as a tech startup. 

In fact, startup founders, mentors, and investors from Silicon Valley are relocating to Miami where the technology scene is “heating up.” Over 139 startups from the Inc. 5000 list are based in the Miami metro area, alone.

Although, Miami isn’t the only hot spot in South Florida for eager startup founders and solid investors. 

West Palm Beach has gone from having a reputation as a retirement mecca to a city of entrepreneurialism starting in 2012. The technology boom, local investors interested in giving back to the community, and incentives offered by the local government have all contributed to West Palm Beach’s continued growth as a hub for tech startups.

West Palm Beach’s growing reputation in the startup community has shown exponentially through a new local initiative called Palm Beach Tech, a non-profit membership association of which Arrow Consulting & Design is a founding board member. You'll find people from our organization such as Julia Russel, Digital Strategist, Henry Tavarez, Partner and UX Design Lead, and Robert Wells, CEO of Allocable who's heavily invested in this initiative, providing mentorship to other upcoming startups. Palm Beach Tech has been successfully promoting industry growth through a number of efforts and events, including Palm Beach Tech Meetups. These meetups host prominent startup leaders from the region as well as from across the country. 

If you’re a startup professional or enthusiast in South Florida, you don’t want to miss these events where you’ll definitely get a real entrepreneurial high from all the startup buzz.

Here are 9 reasons you should attend the next meetup:

1. Network, Network, Network

Speakers and attendees of Palm Beach Tech include CEOs, startup founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals from companies like IBM, Microsoft, TEDx, 500 Startups, various VC associations, and startup icons like Yelp, Uber, and PayPal.  

Whether you’re looking to connect with a large innovative corporation, meet VC funders or learn about startup accelerators in the area, Palm Beach Tech meetups are now the place to be.

2. Get Inspired

You’ll be inspired by speakers of all stages in their startup advancing within an exciting new community that’s facilitating rapid growth. 

The bustling atmosphere of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs alone is enough to make anyone involved with a startup feel “at home” and get the sense that great things are happening for tech in Palm Beach. 

The quality of speakers featured at these events is also quite impressive, likened to TED talks in some cases. 

3. Shape The Future 

Palm Beach Tech Meetups started with a room of less than 50. Now events are often standing room only (with attendance up to 150) and growing. 

Though they’ve been running for a year now, the year went by pretty fast and things are still new. This is your chance to be one of the pioneers and become a part of history in West Palm Beach.

4. Spark New Ideas

Keynotes have included speakers from PayPal, Microsoft, IBM, TEDx, and 500 Startups, to name a few.

When you come to a Palm Beach Tech Meetup, you’ll gain new business perspectives and innovative insights beneficial to any professional, industry or career stage. You’ll also glean knowledge from local tech innovators as you network and learn from the variety of presentations given.

5. Have Fun

Startup life can be exhausting as much as it is exhilarating. But startup people know how to have fun and unwind, too! 

Fun Perks of Palm Beach Tech Meetups include…

1) Free Beer: Because craft beer and tech events go together like peanut butter and jelly.

2) An (Unofficial) After Party: Keep the creative juices flowing at the local watering hole with like-minded tech entrepreneurs.

3) Great Locations: Events are usually in fun and trendy venues in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach & Downtown Delray Beach.

4) Free Food- Enjoy a yummy treat from local food companies, many of them startups, too!

5) Dogs – Palm Beach Tech Meetups are fur-friendly, so feel free to bring Fido along.

6. Find Mentorship

With the vast amount of experienced professionals, you can both spark up a conversation and network your way into finding the right fit, or sign up for free mentorship easily through the Palm Beach Tech website.

The available mentors (like the CEO of Allocable, a SaaS startup recently launched by our incubator) are usually at every meetup, so you could even introduce yourself before your scheduled appointment. See the list of current mentors available:

7. Open the Door for More Opportunities

Showcase your work, scout new talent for your company, become someone’s mentor, or just make great friends. The possibilities are endless.

8. Give Back

As a local business or someone who’s been in the industry, you have something to offer. Others will benefit from your contributions to the community as you get to be a part of a movement and help the tech scene grow in Palm Beach.

9. Meet Joe

At every meetup, you’re guaranteed to see Joe Russo! Joe is the Executive Director of the Palm Beach Tech Association and probably knows just about everyone in the Palm Beach Tech community from Jupiter down to Boca Raton. Be sure to say hi and connect with him on Twitter at @JosephRRusso.

Palm Beach Tech Ussie Alex Rudloff of TEDx and Joe Russo

Ready to attend the next meetup? Simply visit this link to register: Palm Beach Tech Meetup. We look forward to seeing you there!