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5 Quick Tips to Improve User Experience on Your Website

— Everyone knows it's important, but how does one create a good user experience?

Posted: January 04, 2016

A female customer using mobile and desktop

In today’s world, we all know that having a pleasing website design and user experience is critical to success. We often hear the terms UI/UX (user interface and user experience) used in conversations about websites, but we don’t often hear about tips on improving user experience. In this blog entry, I’m going to share 5 quick tips to help improve user experience on websites.

5 Quick Tips to Improve UX

1. Consider Your Users' Needs

It seems obvious to say, but yet you’d be surprised how many organizations simply don’t consider their users first. When creating a website or web application, it’s always important to understand the tasks in which the users of your site or system will be engaging. The experience should be designed around the needs of the user rather than the skill sets of the developers, notions of the designer, or internal structure of your organization.   
A perfect example of getting this wrong comes from my past work history. I once previously worked for a government entity. Our website was organized in sections that reflected the internal departmental structure. For everyone on the inside, it made perfect sense. However, the people on the inside weren’t our target audience. The users of the site simply wanted to come to the site and do things like pay their taxes, rent park shelters, and search jail records. They didn’t care if their specific task fell under the jurisdiction of the city, county, or state… the just wanted to perform a task.   

Be sure to consider the needs of your users above all else.   

2. Keep It Simple

Have you ever been to a site that had a thousand links on one page? If so, you probably remember how frustrating of an experience that was. Overloading users with links forces more work on the users. They have to read and parse a lot of information that is not relevant to them.   

We love simple and easy experiences. The less friction the better for me as an end user. This is why Amazon, Apple, Uber, and several other organizations are thriving because they understand the importance of the experience.   

When crafting a user experience think about what you can eliminate. If it’s not relevant to the user then why show it? One way to help achieve simplicity is through personalization.  

3. Create Personas  

At Arrow, we have a top of the line design team. One of the things they do exceptionally well is creating personas. Why do we create personas? We create personas because defining and creating personas helps us know exactly who we are designing for and that is critical to success.   

Personas help you understand your user’s goals, motivations, and preferences. Most often a website is trying to help their users reach some type of conversion such as an email sign-up, profile creation, or purchase. The better you understand your user personas the more efficiently you can take them to a conversion.   

Creating personas is a process that takes time, research, and effort. Creating personas can also drastically help you achieve results on your website  

4. Provide Mobile Experiences

We all use mobile devices nearly every day and the trend is not reversing anytime soon. We spend more time looking at a screen (computers, tablets, & cell phones) than ever before in history. If you want to reach customers in their context, then a mobile experience is a must.

There are several techniques to provide mobile friendly experiences. Whether its responsive design, adaptive, or dedicated mobile sites, etc. they all have advantages and disadvantages, but they are all based on the same principle: providing mobile friendly experiences.

If your business is going to be credible from the eyes of users, then you must provide excellent mobile experiences.

5. Use Real Photos

Consumers want to know who they are doing business with so why not show them! When creating websites, it can prove beneficial to have a photographer come out and do a photo shoot specifically geared towards imagery used on the website.   

Use real images and you just may get more real customers! 

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