Owning Every Experience with Sitecore and Cracker Barrel

— Take a look into a project where an incredible experience was the object of every decision.

Posted: May 15, 2015

Arrow staff at Cracker Barrel

How Sitecore Helps You “Own the Experience®”

Sitecore is a customer experience management platform for enterprise businesses who thrive on delivering impeccable experiences both on and offline for their customers.

It’s a feature-rich platform that makes both IT professionals and marketers happy by providing a solution to centralize data, personalize online experiences, and measure interactions.

Sitecore’s tagline is, “Own the experience®,” which our client Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® was seeking to do through a responsive website for their brand, CB Old Country Store™, to sell their licensed food products such as bacon, spiral ham, and bulk deli.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® has a simple mission statement and that’s, “pleasing people.”

As their chosen Sitecore Technology and Solution partner we upheld that mission statement by helping them give customers a consistent experience across every touch point with their new brand, CB Old Country Store™.

The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store™ Experience

If you’ve ever traveled along the East Coast you’ve probably stopped at a Cracker Barrel or at least have seen their inviting billboards along the interstate. The store takes travelers back to a time when slowing down to enjoy a meal with loved ones was the norm. Think country charm meets home cooking and old town trading posts.

At every Cracker Barrel you’ll be greeted by rocking chairs on a wooden porch that lead to a country store with old fashioned candies, classic toys, and other collectibles. You’ll also find the restaurant and store decorated with real American Heritage antiques from its local area and consistently experience food service with a smile no matter where on the East Coast you stop.

Last but not least, the food is comforting, delicious, and always made from scratch. A menu of hearty breakfasts and satisfying American country dinners keep travelers and locals coming back for more. You won’t find a digital kiosk with $1.00 games to download at your dinner table, but you will be tempted to play a free game of peg with whoever you’re dining with because the folks at Cracker Barrel really want you to enjoy quality time together while you wait for your meal.

While you’re at Cracker Barrel you might forget “fast food” that you squirt ketchup on and eat while driving is even a thing.

Designing a New Digital Experience

Our Digital Strategy team helps clients create the right user experience for whatever platform they choose to build on, so in every project we provide both a high-level of technical expertise as well as true consultation for sophisticated digital solutions that tightly align with their business goals.

While we can recount the many enjoyable aspects of getting to know the Cracker Barrel team, Jessica Hammer, our UX Manager, shares her experience of going beyond the scope of a normal user experience project by serving as Art Director for a full 2-day photo shoot at Cracker Barrel’s prop kitchen:

“We ask questions beyond what we really need to know to solve bigger problems than the ones put before us.

In this particular project we eased the load for their busy marketing team by stepping in and leading on content strategy, gathering and creation for the new website.

I had the privilege of helping them create custom stock photos for with mood boards, style guides, and full artistic direction on-site. I learned a lot about food photography and everything that goes into that, and was impressed with the attention to detail of the CB team to make things just right!

The photos came out amazing and I’m excited how everything has come together to deliver an amazing e-commerce website that showcases the heart and quality behind their brand.”

From technical expertise to creative direction through deeply understanding their customers and specific business goals we created a unique, customized solution for Cracker Barrel’s new website with features such as responsive design, a geo-location store locator, increased conversion opportunities, personalized content strategy, and user experience throughout the information architecture.

The perfect marriage of our methodology, company values, and Sitecore certified marketing and development team really brought to life.

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