Arrow Innovation Day: Promoting Creativity and Innovation at Work

— A look inside how Arrow cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

By Shaun Walker
Posted: September 01, 2015

shaun walker presenting at innovation day

A Culture of Innovation

At Arrow we cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. This is what allows us to grow a successful business together. We take the extra time as a company to host events and encourage efforts towards creativity and innovation such as Arrow Innovation Day and the Arrow Innovation Group (a startup incubator).

Arrow Innovation Day

Our first “Innovation Day” actually took place over two days. On the first day, everyone was free to unleash their creativity and on day two the ideas were “pitched” in just 10 minutes each to the entire group.

Arrow’s Innovation Day gives everyone who works at Arrow a chance to suggest a new idea, create a new invention, or simply make progress on an internal project which has been overlooked or suppressed due to other business priorities.

Brainstorming ideas on Arrow Innovation Day

What's great about Innovation Day is it provides the freedom for us to think creatively and collaborate, for management to be exposed to their team’s interests and skills, for new efficiencies to be established within the organization, and for everyone to have a legitimate voice in shaping the future of the products, services, and operations of Arrow Consulting & Design.

It provides an environment and structure for the cultivation of new ideas, as well as an opportunity for team members to collaborate and provide valuable feedback and guidance to each other.

Innovation Day Rules

The rules for Arrow Innovation Day are as follows:

1. The only rule is that there are no rules.
2. You define your own scope.
3. You can work on your own idea, or team up with your colleagues.
4. You can utilize whatever company infrastructure you need.

It is not a hackathon, nor a competition on how many lines of code can be written within a specific time frame. The focus should be on creativity and thinking outside the box.

Ideas do not have to be created solely during Innovation Day – you are free to share ideas that you have cultivated or developed in your spare time leading up to the event.

Arrow Innovation Day a Success

Our first Innovation Day proved to be a success with a fair amount of ideas having been shared, worked on, and enthusiastically collaborated on among teams.

Daniel and Dylan coding through the night

Some of the collaboration brought awareness to the personal motivations and hobbies of some of our co-workers, educated us on the social challenges that people face in the world and how we can help solve them, and helped us identify opportunities for improving the efficiency at Arrow so that we can all be more productive and successful.

Looking to Build a Technological Innovation?

Through Arrow’s Innovation Group, we invest in the advancement of technology by helping entrepreneurs successfully take their products from concept to launch. Visit our incubator page to learn more!