Making our Moms Proud through Place of Hope

— Arrow employees work hard and do good outside office walls by volunteering together.

By Raul Rodila
Posted: June 02, 2015

Place of Hope is a faith-based child welfare organization helping families across South Florida find hope and healing through foster care and adoption services, transitional housing, and various programs to promote healthy, productive lives.

A few times a year Arrow employees get to work hard and do good in the community outside office walls and help organizations like Place of Hope hands-on through our “Community Serve Day.”

In addition to raising funds to support Place of Hope, we have organized their Treasures for Hope store and cleaned windows at the Villages for Hope living community.

Treasures for Hope

Treasures for Hope is a charity store that turns quality donations such as high-end dining sets, paintings & luxury brand clothing into “first class hope for the children and young adults” of South Florida. The store also provides a caring, patient work environment for young adults from Villages of Hope to seamlessly transition to the work force.

On Community Serve Day our team cleaned, organized, and arranged furniture and clothing for the entire store.

The store typically gets 1-2 volunteers a day, but Arrow did the work of 20 – 30 people (a month’s worth of work), making the store presentable in less than a day. Now that’s something to brag to mom about!

Villages of Hope

Young adults coming out of the foster care system are often left without basic life skills instilled in them, making it difficult to find food, shelter, education, maintain their health and find steady work. Villages of Hope provides transitional housing and opportunities to build the necessary skills to become thriving, independent citizens.

While one half of our team remained at the Treasure for Hope store, others went to the living community to do the important job of cleaning all windows. Window washing is important for Villages of Hope to ensure that everything is well-kept and presentable for potential and existing investors.

It started to storm, so the “window washers” went to the store to help, and once the storm ended they were able to return to the community to complete the window cleaning.

Community Serve Day for team building

Not only does serving the community together bring power in numbers to those in need, it brings our team closer.

With the variety of skills at Arrow and intense focus on what we each do, we have to be intentional about bonding together as a team cross-departmentally. This makes Community Serve Days actually fun for everyone, because we are reminded why we choose to work with each other every day. We get to work with people we like and make a positive impact together.

The best is yet to come

From Community Serve Days, to raising funds, toy drives, and more Arrow will continue giving back to the community. We look forward to more opportunities ahead to make our moms proud and make a difference in the lives of children and families through Place of Hope.