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New Features for Google Analytics

— The latest features of Google Analytics could be beneficial to users.

Posted: April 18, 2014

Google Analytics Dashboard

In this constantly connected era, users can interact with your business across many digital touchpoints: websites, mobile apps, web apps, and other digital devices. So to help you understand what users do in the increasingly diverse digital landscape, Google Analytics is enabling the ability to see web and app data in the same reporting view.

Until today, Analytics users had to choose between an app view or web view when they created views. Both options provided a slightly different experience. Now you can see all data you send to Google Analytics in a single reporting view. If you send data from the web and from a mobile app to one property, both data sets appear in your reports. Google Analytics also added new app-specific fields to the analytics.js JavaScript web collection library, including screen name, app name, app version, and exception tracking.

Screen Name:
Application Name:
Application Version:
Exception Tracking:

There are also two big changes to the names in Google Analytics: First, the Visitors web metric and Active Users app metric are now unified under the same name, Users. And second, Visits are now referred to as Sessions everywhere in all of Google Analytics.

Source: Google Analytics Blog