What Happened at DNNCon - An Arrow Wrap-Up

— Awesome things happened at DNNCon.

Posted: October 28, 2013

Arrow Consulting & Design at DNNCon 2013

A few months ago we heard some really great news at Southern Fried DNN in Charlotte. Will Strohl announced that in October, the DNN Community would be heading to our neck of the woods for DNNCon Palm Beach. We love our beach town almost as much as we love being members of the DNN Community and the idea of the two of them together made us really excited. We were looking forward to a very busy year already. In 2013 we added a lot of new members to our team,built a whole new creative office and launched our first product all while continuing to develop incredible websites for our clients. We love DNN so much that even though our schedules were already full, we took on the tasks of assisting in organizing the conference. Our design team helped create logos,swag, and even the website while our marketing team worked hard to let everyone know about the event. In the end, all of the effort paid off. DNNCon Palm Beach set records for the DNN Community including exceeding the number of training signups for any previous Community event. So what happened at DNNCon? Well... a lot.

If you didn't come to Palm Beach, here is what you missed...

Ralph Williams Jr. at DNNCon 2013

You missed some amazing Training sessions that were led by leaders of the DNN Community. Our very own Ralph Williams led a full day of training on Skinning to a packed classroom. Will Strohl taught a class on Development while Clint Patterson was in charge of leading the Administration class.

Cool guys at DNNCon 2013 Welcoming Reception

Of course it wasn't all about learning. You also missed out on a great party at Wine Dive. DNN welcomed attendees with open arms and of course with drinks at the Welcome Reception on Friday evening. For some members of the Community it was a reunion with old friends, while for some it was a meet and greet.

DNNCon 2013 Palm Beach Titanium Sponsor

Bright and early everyone met up at PBA for a full day of sessions and events. After registering, receiving our swag bags and a quick bite to eat we headed to the Keynote from Shaun Walker. Shaun Walker announced the latest version of DNN which will be released in November and will include an updated responsive skin that was created by Arrow.

Vendors at DNNCon 2013

Throughout the day we got to mingle with other sponsors, sit in on some sessions including some from our own team members, and got to meet lots of great members of the DNN Community.

Ryan Morgan DNNCon 2013

As the day wound down we headed back over to Gregory Hall for closing and awards.Our Founder, Ryan Morgan, entered a video into the DNN Superfan contest so naturally we were all eager to hear if we would be bringing home the beloved old DNN logo.

Owner of the DNN Logo

As luck would have it, Ryan's instagram video received the most votes, and he is now the proud owner of the logo. We can't help but wonder where it will be hung in the Arrow offices?

DNNCon 2013 Check to Place of Hope

There were a lot of great moments at DNNCon, but none compare to the moment when Ryan handed a $10,000 check to Place of Hope from the DNN Community, which is being matched by another generous donor. It was a very exciting moment to be a part of the DNN Community.

After some hysterical Ignite sessions, Shaun Walker announced the 2013 MVP's. There were several returning MVP's as well as some new members who will assist the Community over the next year. Books, gift cards, a jam box and a Xbox were all given away to lucky winners before we headed out to the official after party.

DNNCon 2013 After Party

The DNN Community met up at Roxy’s Rooftop bar for DNN after Dark which was sponsored by Applied Innovations. There were a few good games of cornhole and beer pong as well as opportunities to discuss the sessions everyone attended. Roxy’s rooftop bar gave us a great view of the sunset over downtown West Palm. It was a great way to close out a conference that we waited most of the year for.

Thank you to everyone who made their way to Palm Beach. We had attendees here from as far as the Netherlands! We hope to see everyone again very soon.