Getting Started With Your UX Evaluation

Before You Begin

This assessment will cover the following areas:

  • Information Architecture
  • Search and Documentation
  • Error Prevention and Recovery
  • Disparate Systems
  • Innovation
  • Visual Design
  • User Efficiency
  • System Health Status
  • Security

If there are any questions that do not apply to your system, feel free to skip them. Any unanswered questions will not factor into your final score. Try not to spend too much time thinking about any single question. Also, it is important to answer honestly as the system is, not as you wish it would be.

The assessment is designed to provide a high-level evaluation of the User Experience of your enterprise system. We offer two versions of the evaluation, each has similar questions, but the longer version will provide a more detailed assessment of your enterprise application.

Short Assessment

  • 70 Questions
  • 7-8 mins to complete
  • Quick overview of important usability concerns
Start Assessment

Long Assessment

  • 152 Questions
  • 10-12 mins to complete
  • Detailed review of common usability concerns
Start Assessment