User Experience Evaluation Tool for Enterprise Software

Poor usability hinders enterprise software adoption. Learn how Arrow Digital helps enterprises deliver applications that professionals actually want to use.

CIO's Are Making User Experience a Priority

According to CIO Journal, user experience is the CIO’s top priority for business technology in 2016.

We understand that customers are at the center of business decisions as consumer behavior is rapidly driving the evolution of technology.

In a recent report, Forrester urges CIOs to improve customer engagement across every digital touch point for increased business success.

To do this, IT and marketing leaders must align their strategies to keep customers first and improve the overall user experience.

So What is User Experience?

When people hear or talk about user experience, they think about several things that it encompasses such as user interface design, how something looks and feels, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, research, and more.

User experience is actually defined as any interaction with a product, service, company, or person.

Some examples of companies that incorporate important elements of UX:

Apple is probably one of the most well-known and referenced companies when it comes to UX. They provide a good example of a company that has perfected the art of weaving user experience best practices throughout every touchpoint of their business whether it is in-store, online, or with their products.

Salesforce is a prime example of the importance of the cloud experience where products typically were software in the past, products are now getting away from being just on-premise to being functional and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Zappos, an online retailer, has built a reputation for being extremely easy for customers.

Representatives go above and beyond to make customers happy through excellent customer service and a solid, user-centric purchasing process from shopping on the website, making a phone call, receiving a shipment, to returning an item.

Zappos’ success is a great example of how a simple UX strategy to produce happy customers can increase business.

Evaluating user experience includes analyzing how easy it is for a user to find something or how familiar something is for them.

Starbucks has applied this principle to their retail experience by strategically creating a consistency in their stores so that customers sense that familiarity whether they’re at a Starbucks in Kansas City or Hong Kong.

User Experience Myths

Many stakeholders and IT leaders may avoid UX for several reasons, including many myths revolving around UX.

Here is a list of common myths and the truths to dispel them:

UX is only design.

It’s actually a holistic process that goes beyond the design aspect.

I need a ‘unicorn’ designer.

You can break this up across roles and still create great experiences.

Only designers can design.

UX is a team effort. Everyone has valuable ideas to incorporate.

UX is too expensive.

There are various ways to get quick feedback and get things done.

‘Stealth’ is the way to go.

A great idea is all about execution. Get as much feedback as you can.

You can be unbiased.

You probably can’t. Talk to customers and users.

Do Professionals Actually Want to Use Your Enterprise Software?

At Arrow, we’ve helped dozens of enterprises improve or launch applications that are not only feature-rich, but also highly adoptable, thanks to our integrated development and UX teams.

To evaluate the usability of existing applications, we start with a simple yet robust tool created to help stakeholders understand the importance of user experience and how each element can increase or hinder software adoption.

The usability report reveals gaps and opportunities with applied UX principles for each category.

For example,

ux questionnaire

Q: Are the major sections of the system available from every screen?

The reason this is important is that users need context.

When an application lacks context, users become confused, frustrated or disinterested and easily drop out of a page, miss important information or fail to follow through on an intended user flow and never reach key features that were implemented in the application.

People Expect Better UX in The Enterprise – Start Your User Experience Evaluation Today for Free

The consumerization of enterprise software is here.

While successful software adoption can seem like a moving target, CIOs can stay ahead of the game by spending as little as 30 minutes evaluating the usability of their application.

When CIOs have a clear vision about how they can improve usability, prioritizing technical fixes becomes easier and they become one-step closer to creating happier end-users and realized business goals.